For over 30 years, my joy has come from giving my clients visual memories of their families, and corporate images to forward their businesses. I am now turning my focus to my other work. This accumulated body of work represents my fascination with folding images on themselves to create visual balance and the effect of that along with color on our mood and ability to focus.

According to 'The Spruce', "humans are a highly visual species, and color can deeply impact our well-being and awaken our minds. Colors can be used strategically in our spaces to inspire transformation and support rejuvenation. Color is an important tool in feng shui to create simple and effective transformations to the energy of your home or office.

In addition to running a photography business, I studied Integrated Health and Healing and in those two years, I learned about the many ways our bodies function and about many of the different types of healing modalities from around the world. I learned how outside stimulus, (sound, visuals and touch) can affect our bodies and health in general and specifically in certain ways. 

Time spent in art galleries and museums allowed me to pay attention to how visuals impact my mood and so was affecting the state of my overall body health.  

This brings me to what I am sharing and what my purpose is in doing so.