Let me create a one-of-a-kind artwork that nourishes the mood you are creating in your space.

Symmetrical images have a calming and restful effect on mood and focus.

According to 'The Basics of Color Psychology', color evokes emotions, inspires reactions, and changes thinking. It impacts our lives significantly.

This collection, printed on glass, combine both, balance AND color!

Some of The Science

Choose from this collection or let's create a perfect piece just for you!

  • This work has radial symmetry and is related to the human experience of centering, balance and stability. It promotes the effects of sensing centeredness.

    A. Harris Stone, Benson, VT 

Bring a feeling of achievement and accomplishment by using the color gold.

You might be asking..

Let's work together

I work closely with you throughout the 3-step process.

  • Discover your Ideal Artwork

    Choose from these selections or allow me to create a custom piece that enhances and centers the mood of your space.

  • Previsualize and Decide

    I will show you how your chosen piece will look on your wall.

  • Customize and Receive

    Receive your chosen artwork printed, framed, and ready to hang. I provide free shipping within the continental U.S.

  • The magic of Maureen's work is undeniable. Her images can evoke differing feelings from strength to calm. I am obsessed and have 3!

    I wanted a soothing, yet sensual, tone for the bedroom. In the living room, I chose an image that was more invigorating and encouraged conversation.

    Maureen is talented beyond measure and will help you capture the essence you want from workspace to bedroom .

    H. Shannon, Washington, DC

About This Work

Visuals have the ability to impact our mood and alter our frame of mind.

By combining the the focusing power of symmetry and the ability of color to affect our emotions, we have a healing modality, a type of therapy that could shift us into our preferred state of being.

I have been honing my photography skills for over 30 years, and a love and ongoing study of integrated health, healing, and nutrition, I have been led to the work you see today.

Introspective journeys into art galleries and museums continue to help me discover how mood and health are impacted by color and symmetry.

It is my intention that this body of work, as it combines both science and intuition, will, in some way, enrich the lives of those who view it.

Maureen Edwards